Bangladesh is a country where travelers can journey through time, step off the beaten path and have a truly unique travel experience. One of the world’s last frontiers of adventure, here the elusive Bengal tiger roams one of the world’s largest mangrove forests. The largest Delta in the world creates waterways that connect cities and communities. Lush Highlands and fragrant tea plantations cover northern hills. Ancient architecture brings history to life. Cities of silk demonstrate the beauty of industry. This is a place of true adventure, raw and unexplored, with treasures waiting to be found by those who are willing to step off the beaten path. Discover three of the world’s great UNESCO World Heritage Sights. Ride a Rocket, an old colonial paddle steamer, from one of the world’s densest cities to one of the Earth’s greatest areas of biodiversity. Surf on long sandy beaches and taste some of the finest seafood the ocean has to offer. Pay pilgrimage to Lelon Shah, renowned Bengali philosopher, artist and musician, teacher of freedom and harmony. Visit the historic mosque city of Bagerhat and the Buddhist Vihara at Paharpur. Be immersed in the culture of hospitality and kindness. Embark on the journey of a lifetime, to a place unlike anywhere else on earth. Experience the wail
the culture, the nature, and the life of beautiful Bangladesh.

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